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Jun 6, 2006
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Anyone done this puzzle? Anyone want to when I am done? I like passing these things along...

Anyway, i've really enjoyed doing it, but I've noticed that my dislike of pink floofy catts and Miltoniopsis is getting the better of me - about all I have left is all the same color. Funny how my two least favorite orchids are the ones I leave until last even 2 dimensionally!

I did their wild flower puzzle last year and because they name everything it is a great learning tool and I was trying to get a handle on my local natives. I am hoping we get the hummingbird one in again at work this year as I missed out on buying one last year and some are better (less wordy, more colorful) than others. Speaking of that, they should do one on invasives - I only got 11 out of 30 correct on this quiz yesterday! Pathetic.

Click on Plant Quiz 2008 :)


I got 60%, but I didn't like some of the wording on the quiz and a couple were trick questions. Neat quiz, though! Time to dust off my keys and field guides after a winter of collecting dust! Spring is almost here!

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