Why do you grow what you grow?

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Jun 8, 2006
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Brisbane, Australia
I feel like I've always grown and I've done so because it relaxes me. The voices in MY head are generally those of my plants and they tell me how they're feeling. Sometimes they lie, then die - oh well.

I recently moved to Paphs and Phrags but retain my joy in growing native dendrobe and sarcochilus hybrids and intergenerics. For me, there's a great reward in a plant finding enough in the way of reserves to flower splendidly. For a lot of Aussie natives the disturbing part of getting them to flower is to just about kill them - I tend to find that hard to do. Although given that I'm paying more attention to my Paphs and Phrags these days it hasn't been near as difficult this year. :)

Cheers all


Its not the voices its the IMAGES you people post

that put that nitch into one's head --then trying to find one just about sends you around the bend especially with all those phrags you are able to buy - this week finally got an Echo Tower 4N -and a 4n Jason Fischer actually I got 7 new 4n Phrags now just waiting on Peru to get here to get the prize phrag . and a new wallissi & caudatum :drool: they are bringing to our shores . --:sob: not bringing besseae --but guess one can't have it all or there would be no wish lists Billie

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