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Hi guys,

I have finally worked out Paph culture for my growing conditions and managed to get through winter without losing a plant which is a good sign. You might remember earlier in the year when summer turned to fall and the nights turned very cool that I managed to rot quite a few seedlings. Well that no longer happens and most of my plant are growing beautifully now that it's spring.

"Most" because the very smallest seedlings I bought haven't really started growing at all, they have no root growth (just one or two very small roots which haven't developed. The slightly bigger seedlings and the near flowering sized ones are growing so well I can't believe it and have wonderful roots. Does anyone have an opinion on growing the tiny seedlings that are just out of flask? Is there a special trick as they seem to be far more sensitive and although they aren't dying, they aren't really growing either and yet I am getting new leaves and roots on the more mature plants. From now on I plan to buy slightly more advanced seedlings and not be so keen on getting the very young ones.

What do you all think???



P.S. The Pink Sky and esquirolei I have are finding it difficult to grow.


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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
I always start my newbies out in my pleurothalid box indoors for a couple of months. Minimum humidity 75-80%, temps fairly constant between 65 to 85 and rather low light. That seems to work out fairly well for me. When I've pushed them out to the greenhouse faster than that they have stalled pretty bad they way you described yours did. Eventually the ones that like your more adult conditions will push through and take of, but you will get a more pronounced "survival of the fittest" effect without the early pampering I suggest.


Thanks Rick, I think you are most likely right. I will have to try some different ideas to get them growing properly. It's starting to warm up here in Australia so fingers crossed I can see some improvement soon.