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1. Vendor threads are free for any company selling orchids and orchid growing supplies. Listings are sorted alphabetically to be fair to each business that advertises on the forum.

2. You must contact the administrators of the forum to set up your sales thread. They can be reached via email to Advertising

3. Any vendor who fails to post, in either the advertising or general topic threads, in a period of 90 days (once per quarter) faces removal of their vendor thread. The forum founders want the businesses that advertise to add to the discussion on the forum while advertising goods for sale.

4. The forum administrators may remove a vendor sales thread at any time, without notice to the vendor for any reason the administrator feels it is necessary. No guarantee is given or implied that a sales thread will be created for every vendor that requests one.

5. The forum and its founders will not be held responsible for transactions that involve loss of property, reputation or monetary concerns for the buyer or seller.

6. You must state that you agree to these rules when you request a vendor sales thread. These rules may be modified at any time.
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