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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
I agree with Ray.
Not just Cattleya, but pretty much any orchids, they get plenty of water in the form of morning dew everyday. Humidity is always maintained high. Dry period sees reduced rain. So, no water is a big no no.

Epiphytes have their roots exposed on the tree and rock. This means they can maximize the water they receive in any form possible.
Now, how would you mimic this in potted plants? If you mist gently on the top exposed portion, then the rest of the roots in the pot won't get much if any. I water plants throughout the year equally, which is water when the pot content goes dry.
What I do slightly different for things that drop leaves during the winter like certain Dendrobiums and Catasetums is that I would run the water through the pot rather soaking, which is what I do while plants are in active growth. This, in my opinion, mimics rainy season more or less.

Plus, a lot of these books are written for greenhouse folks in mind.
If you are an indoor grower where the air is extra dry, it is especially important to keep the plants well watered.

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