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Update: Plants for Sale

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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
Starting another thread because people weren't seeing the updates buried in the other post.

Here's what remains.

Paphiopedilum Species
kolopakingii ‘Riopelle’ FCC/AOS x self - 1 growth, 26" leafspan, unbloomed

stonei 'Melancholy' x 'Penan Pride' - 1 growth, 18" leafspan, unbloomed

Paphiopedilum Hybrids

Kolosand (kolopakingii var. topperi x sanderianum ‘Penanko’), 1 growth, ~20" leafspan, unbloomed

St. Swithin (philippinense var. roebelinii 'Birch Point' AM/AOS x rothschildianum ‘Bion’ FCC/AOS), 1 bloomed growth, 2 (I think?) new starts), 20+" leafspan

PM me if you have an interest in any or all. Thanks!

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