Two week Vanda Sansai Blue blow-out sale!

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John M

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Jun 7, 2006
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Hamilton, Ontario - Canada
Hi all!

Here's a great deal! If you just like blue Vandas, want to give friends and family a nice gift, or you want to help your club raise funds via resale, auction, or raffle, these easy to bloom Vanda Sansai Blue are perfect for you.

Starting immediately and running to the end of the day on Wednesday, August 12th, I'm offering Vanda Sansai Blue package deals. Buy 10 or more plants and pay ONLY $10 each!!! Regular retail price is $60 each ($75 to $95 each at a Fancy Florist in Toronto).

They are bare-root plants, with a small 4" basket to facilitate easy hanging. Or, you can pot them (remaining in the basket), into a 6" clay pot (see example photo below), or use a 6" plastic pot with rocks for ballast. These are full size, BLOOMING SIZE plants. Flowers are BLUE(!) and big (average over 4"......sometimes reaching up to 6"). Flowers last about 6 weeks and the plants usually bloom 2 or more times a year under intermediate light. These plants do not like very strong light. Good Cattleya light is what they like the best and what makes them perform the best.

These tall-stemmed plants have healthy, firm, green leaves and nice, live roots. Some are in spike. However, this is grower's choice. I only want to send my best plants. Therefore, plants will be chosen according to their general health and appearance whether they have a spike or not. I will be shipping only the best looking, healthiest plants. I will not send weak plants that happen to have a flower spike, while leaving better, stronger plants without a spike, on the bench. While supplies last and quality remains high, I will try to include at least a couple plants with a spike. However, this is a good time of year for plants to set new spikes; so, the ones not in spike, likely will be spiking soon.

To order, simply send me an e-mail saying how many you want and I will send you an invoice. Orders will be pulled and tagged for you in the same order that they come in. Plants will be pulled, cleaned, trimmed, tagged with your name and watered well and repeatedly to ensure full hydration and firm, healthy leaves before being shipped. Then, on the next Monday or Tuesday following receipt of your payment, they will be packed and immediately shipped to you.

Payment via Interac e-Transfer is preferred.

Shipping within Canada only.

Packing labour, packing boxes, packing materials and delivery to the post office are all free. The actual cost of shipping is extra and will be billed as soon as your plants are on their way. The cost of shipping is prepaid by me. This is a personal loan from me to you and it must be refunded back to me as soon as I invoice you for the exact amount that I prepaid on your behalf. Placing an order means that you agree and accept this responsibility. Canada is a very large, wide country and the cost to ship is very variable. I cannot provide you with a shipping cost quote ahead of time. That depends on where you are, the size (diminsions), of the box or boxes needed to pack your plants (which are of somewhat varying sizes/heights) and the total weight. I ship via Canada Post Xpresspost, which has a guarantee delivery of just 2, or in some cases, 3 business days. With XpressPost, the plants travel by air; so, there is no concern for plants travelling long hauls in a hot transport truck.

Of course, you are welcome to pick up your order here at my greenhouse...BY APPPOINTMENT ONLY and save the cost of shipping.

These are a few of the plants that are typical of what you would recieve.


So, act fast! As I said, this is a great opportunity for club fund raising; as well as just for people who LOVE easy to grow and bloom, blue Vandas.

Thanks very much everyone!

Stay cool!

Best Regards,


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