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Jun 9, 2006
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North central Minnesota
I only have one flask of each for sale. The breeding is for miniature to compact plants. I can accept PayPal or all credit/debit cards. I generally ship Priority Mail, but can also do FedEx.

Paph (Mary Zdilla '#5' X thaianum) $125
Mary Zdilla X niveum = Little Bright Eyes. I am testing to see if thaianum reacts similarly to niveum while creating a smaller plant than Little Bright Eyes. Below are pictures of the parents and Paph Little Bright Eyes.

Paph Mary Zdilla

Paph thaianum

Paph Little Bright Eyes

Paph (Barb Hella 'Sun's Glow AM/AOS X Gege Hughes 'Harvest Moon' AM/AOS) $95
The hope here is to maintain the smaller growth and clumping habit of Barb Hella while gaining a rounder, classic flower shape from Gege Hughes. I can't find a past picture of Gege Hughes 'Harvest Moon' (and the current bloom is fading) so I've subbed a picture of the 'California Sunshine' cultivar so you can get the idea.

Paph Barb Hella 'Sun's Glow' AM/AOS, CCM/AOS

Paph Gege Hughes 'California Sunshine'

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