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Trade paphiopedilum

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Aug 16, 2012
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Hi all

I have theses paph available for sale EU only
Please send me a personal message, shipping cost not included , paypal

Liberty Taiwan : micranthum "Choiced" x hangianum #9 quasi adulte 18 €

2 x Liberty Taiwan : micranthum x hangianum quasi adult18 €

Liberty Taiwan : hangianum "Round" x micranthum "Chang" quasi adulte 18 €

Magic Lantern semi alba : micranthum alba 'What Angel' x delenatii alba 'Snow Swan' 50€

Wossner China Moon Taiwan adulte 2 pousses one bud blasted 10€

Delrosi x Pinocchio 15 €

Joyce Hasegawa " Wossen" SM/DOG : "emersonii Jumbo x delenatii U" division 1 growth quasi adult 35 €

Dollgoldi : roth "New City" x armeniacum "Golden" Orchid Inn Sam Tsui 2 pousses 45€

Lunacy x Chardmore “Mrs Cowburn” 15 cm 25€

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