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This week's selection - weird crosses!! - $30 each

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Jan 4, 2007
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Thanks for all your orders so far. It's hella stressful to have to move greenhouses so the less plants I have to transport the happier I'll be. I think these are pretty nice plants at pretty fair prices, and this weekend I can even try to take a few pix. Anywho here's what we've got for this week:

1. Paph. Lamontianum is a cross of rothschildianum and Calypso (which itself is spicerianum x boxallii) ; plants are very large 2-3 growth 20" + and two of them have never bloomed - this is a difficult plant to bloom, but when it does flower it's spectacular - looks kinda like W.R. Lee (pictured here). I have 3, and they are $30 each.

2. Paph. Prayer Wheel is a cross of Double Bell and glanduliferum, and I would predict these would look like little Paph. Crystelles (the parentage is very similar with a little more bellatulum and a little smaller multi), although I haven't bloomed one of them yet to tell you. Plants are little darlings - 4-5 growths, about 10" across and are, as above, probably tricky to bloom, but they're growing great!! I have 5, and they are $30 each.

3. Paph. Meadowlark is a cross of Golden Acres and Michael Stewart, and is a great pot plant - grows amazingly fast, and flowers easily. It's essentially insigne x a complex yellow. Plants are 2-3 growths, excellent roots, and about 16-18" across. Again I have 5 and they are $30 each.

4. Spectacular Brachys - I have literally a hundred brachys from Nick Tannaci, and I've been growing them on for a few years. They are average in terms of flower quality, but wonderful in terms of vigor; if you want to practice growing brachys, here's a wonderful opportunity. I'm offering my choice of labelled plants, selected for plant health as they are not currently in bloom. Since there are literally dozens of crosses, and my greenhouse is an hour away, I can't find specific things!! I promise you'll be pleased with the health of the plants. These are $15 each; 3 for $30.

5. Paph. fairrieanum x Paph. Spotter - If you've read this far you're a true die-hard. These are weird looking, but are small - reminiscent of Ross' William Stirling but with clearer spotting from the wonderful parent Spotter 'Leopard' HCC/AOS. Some are previously bloomed, some are unbloomed seedlings, so they might get a little larger. Plants are 1 growth + starts are are about 8-10" across. I have 3 and they are $20 each.

Shipping is $15 for up to 3 plants (depending on size), and we can discuss shipping for more than that. I will ship bare root, wrapped in sphagnum, via USPS Priority Mail, and I think eveyone who's ordered so far can attest to the root health of thse plants. Please email at [email protected] for more info (rather than PM - I don't check PM as often...).

I do have a few things left from previous postings - Phrag. wallisii still and one more Claire De Lune; again if you're interested in anything specific let me know I may very well have some I don't want to bring with me to the new greenhouse...you parvi nuts out there they might come a little later...I haven't decided if I want to sell them yet.

Thanks for looking!!

Eric Muehlbauer

The Clair de Lune you sent me was really great....I'll post a pic when it blooms...


Got my order today!
Had to try a Prayer Wheel -4-5gr? - try 8-9, the little darling was wide as a 747!!
Spectacular brachys - nice pickin' Tim! Aug.09 I got 10 assorted from Nick, the 3 you sent were not duplicates! :clap: Double Trix x Bella Lucia, Sierra Bell x bellatulum :)drool: heavy bella there!) & Triple Trix, all 4-5 gr.
and this is weird? fairrieanum x Spotted leopard, I have a weakness for spotted catts, it's got spill over to paphs too!
All looked good & had good healthy roots systems! Thanks Tim!