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I just received my first shipment of Paphs from Paul and Mary. I know for sure it will not be the last shipment I order from them.

The plants arrived just on time, and I knew they would because I was given a confirmation email when the plants shipped with a tracking number! This is a concept lost on most orchid vendors.

The plants are healthy, with great roots and many new root tips. I am definitely not afraid to repot these because I am sure they will establish well. And the bonus Temptation was a nice surprise!

I rate this as the single best experience I have ever had ordering orchids by mail. Not one detail was overlooked, and that is a real accomplishment. More than that though, and the reason I rate it the BEST experience I have ever had, is the fact that they treated me like they wanted my business. Not one other vendor in the entire world has ever treated me like I was important to them, except Ratcliffe orchids.

When I heard they were leaving the U.S. (stupid INS), I was saddened by the fact that people who followed the rules were being forced to leave. Now that I have had the chance to talk with them, and experience their honesty and integrity first hand, I am not just saddened: I am devastated.


Is it possible to get a petition going to ask INS to reconsider?? Maybe get loads of orchid folks from online as well as USA Orchid Soc members to sign the petition?


Jun 9, 2006
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Mid Michigan
Somehow i don't think the INS is particularly user friendly...

Looking forward to my big box of paphs (100!) from Ratcliffe to come today. Guess I'll be potting tonight...


ok, so...

1. Can I, a non US citizen (ozzie mate!!! ozzie, ozzie, ozzie! oy, oy, oy!), start a petition campaigning for the re-appraisal of a US Govt Agency ruling?

2. how should the petition be worded:-

We would like to request the INS' decision on ......(name - Ratcliffe?).... visa application be reconsidered in light of their excellent contribution record to society... in particular, their involvement in the field of horticulture.

So... more? less? too flowery? not clever enough?


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