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spring wish list

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Mrs. Paph

Spring is in the air (at least here, got sunburned today taking field data...) and I think it's time for more plants!! Here's a couple that are toward the top of my list at the moment. I'm of course searching the net myself as well, but if anyone can recommend a good source, let me know:D

barbigerum - seedling-BS plants or even a whole flask full of the little beauties if someone knows of a source for them that has more colorful parents, not just run of the mill 'tan to reddish pouch' stuff (what I really want is cocc., but that'll have to wait)! What I'm interested in now is one like I had a few years ago. I actually managed to win it and only paid shipping for it, and by chance it turned out gorgeous, leaning much more toward lavender/pink in color than tan/red! Grew really well in SD, but apparently ND was too much without me being able to control the room temp. in winter, and boy can a plant that tiny rot incredibly fast :sob: , so in short I Really want another one(another many:p)

parishii - would love to find one of these at a price I can afford, or talk myself into thinking I can afford

delenatii and fair. - not that I need to ask for sources on these, seem to be plenty around!

Thanks in advance for any leads, and Happy Spring, and Happy orchid hunting to everyone!
~Miss Paph