Spring shows and new flowers to date

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Jun 8, 2006
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Brisbane, Australia
Hi all

I'm never quite sure how to address these. Most of you guys post pictures of the flowers and plants you grow. You're justifiably proud of them - I know I would be. As well as growing, I also go around the shows and take pictures of plants/flowers which "stand out". Not all are Paphs or Phrags although the greater percentage is for sure.

I've posted the most recent and more notable paphs to the following album

http://s12.photobucket.com/albums/a236/shaberer/Shows 06/

Names of the plants and any relevant place they got are;

P China Vision X goulterianum 'Jamboree Wine'.jpg
P (Botan X Palestrina) X World Famous.jpg
P Bilgay 'Look at me' QOS Champ Paph.jpg
P Flame Arrow X Night Arrow QOS Cls 31 1st.jpg
P Gilda de Valec LADOS Cls 9 1st.jpg
P glaucophylum.jpg
P Hazella 'Beecroft' Champ Paph LADOS.jpg
P Jim MacKinney 'Spectacular' QOS Cls 30 2nd.jpg
P Landmark LADOS Cls 8 3rd.jpg
P Larry Heur NBOS.jpg
P liemianum LADOS cls 10 1st.jpg
P Magic Flame X Raisin Jack QOS Cls 31 3rd.jpg
P moquettianum 'Patsy' X 'Gold' QOS Cls 46 1st.jpg
P primulinum v pupurascens X delenatii.jpg
P Raisin Pie X Red Magic LADOS Cls 9 3rd.jpg
P Somers Isles 'Dark Cloud'.jpg
P Stevensii.jpg
P sukhakulii 'Green Giant X Verde Oro 'Coburg'.jpg
P venustum 'Red Lip' LADOS Cls 10 2nd .jpg
P Via Caldera 'Marie' LADOS Cls 9 2nd.jpg

Enjoy :)

Cheers all


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Jun 9, 2006
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Great Neck - New York
I love the

-P sukhakulii 'Green Giant X Verde Oro 'Coburg'
-P venustum 'Red Lip' (venustums are slowly growing on me along with the parvis)
-P Landmark
-P primulinum v pupurascens X delenatii

Thanks for the pictures :)

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