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I haven't posted here for quite a while. I do post from time to time, but not as often as I used to. That being said, the Maine Orchid Society had a meeting last Monday evening, and I just happened to have a few paphs in bloom, so I thought it might be fun to put them all together in a basket with moss and bring them in:


Starting with the little guy in the front, and going around clockwise, they are:

(1) "Mindi's Carson" (2) Pulsar 'Fang Pacific' HCC/APS x Macabre Eruption AM/AOS (3) Lady Macbeth - I believe this is mislabeled and has some appletonianum in it. I like it ALOT as it has THREE blooms! (4) Ruby Anniversery x Voodoo Magic 'Big Big' and finally (5) appletonianum, which is probably my favorite.

It was great fun and the basket o' paphs did get a few ooohhs & ahhhs. There is no judging at the MEOS, not that I think any of mine would have been pulled.

There was also an auction where some 'name growers' donate plants. I ended up with a Phaius Dan Rosenberg "Tropical Ice." It's an interesting thing, just ending its bloom cycle. It came from E.F.G. Orchids and I have no clue as to its culture, but understand that it is an easy keeper.

Next month, MEOS is trying something different. They usually have a potting session where members go home with a bunch of baby plants. This time, they are having a "Yankee Swop," in which members draw numbers and get to take turns picking out a plant (again donated by name growers) to take home. The problem is that a person who has a higher number than you have can take your plant and leave you with another, perhaps not of your liking. I've been to a few Yankee Swops and they can be brutal:evil:

But, it still should be fun!!!!!! Thanks for looking! :)


Always happy to oblige, Rick. Especially with more photos. :rollhappy:

The Mindy's Carson has gone by, but here are the others. Sorry the photos are not that great


Paph Lady Macbeth, but I'm positive this one is mislabeled. But, since it had three blooms (on a second blooming) it's a keeper.


Paph Pulsar "Fang Pacific' HCC?AOS x Paph Macabre Eruption AM/AOS. This was a 'box store' (Christmas Tree Shops) purchase that I've had for over 4 years now and the darn thing keeps on blooming.


Paph Ruby Anniversery x Paph Voodoo Magic 'Big Big.' Another 'box store' Paph that just keeps on going.


Paph appletoniaunm. I really like it.

Individually, I don't think any of these Paphs are exceptional or spectacular, but they are kinda nice, especially when you put them all together in a pretty wire basket with some moss. They make a pretty decent decent display. It was fun putting it all together.

Thanks for looking!!

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