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well, it looks like I'm planning for Saturday. Not sure yet if I'll be there for two days.... I don't last long at orchid show/sales so a day trip is more likely.
Wow, trying to get to this show by public transportation from NYC doesn't seem easy. Is anyone going from NYC area? PS. Does anyone here go to other orchid forums. I'm trying to find info on a sellor in Singapore that I found thru orchidmall.
ok, what's the situation? Who will be there on Saturday?

Eric, did you get your transportation figured out? btw, no micro sinningias at the GesSoc show!
I actually plan to be there on Saturday. Hopefully will be there by 10AM.
Maybe we can meet there. How about in front of Krull-Smith booth by noon?

Eric, would be great seeing you there again.
Beautiful pic ! Thank you very much.
Does someone have a close up of paphiopedilum as adductum or adductum hybrid ?

I'm still trying to figure out if I can make the show, I may have to hitch-hike 30 miles from Media, Pa. :p
For photos go down to forum jump, click open, open search thread, type in subject, and paph foto threads, and search.
Media PA? Why there? Wouldn't be easier to get to Wilmington somehow? Do you drive?
Not right now. Is Wilmington closer?

Further from NYC, but closer to Longwood - about 12 miles.

I guess the question is, how badly do you want to go? Will the transportation costs&time be worth it?

Didn't you say you have a preorder?
alright. there's a chance I may not make it on Saturday. Chances are still good that I will, but it's a possibility.....

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