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Seed to swap

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Feb 22, 2009
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I have seed to swap. You can PM me, or better still email me at [email protected] (there is an underscore _ between jacaranda and boy) as I check that more often. I can get phyto certs if needed. This is not a commercial venture, and I accept swap only.


Seed list
Aspasia lunata 2010
Bletilla striata “Soryu” 2010 (ex- Japan)
Bletilla striata “Soryu”x Bletilla ochracea 2010 (ex- Japan)
Bulbophyllum dentiferum 2010
Bulbophyllum emiliorum 2010
Bulbophyllum lobbii 2010
Bulbophyllum polystictum 2010
Bulbophyllum siamensis 2010
Cymbidium sinense “He Zhi Hua” x self Nov 2010 (strongly variegated leaves & fragrant)
Calanthe seiboldii 2010 (ex- Japan)
Cattleya loddigesii 2009
Cattleya violacea 2009
Cynorkis fastigiata 2010
Cypripedium formosanum (2010) (ex- Japan)
Dendrobium chrysanthum 2010 (Good germ reported)
Dendrobium hercoglossum 2009 (Good germ reported)
Dendrobium lawesii 2010
Dendrobium nindii 2010
Dendrobium uniflorum 2010
Dendrobium victoria reginae 2010
Dendrobium nobile 2009
Dendrochilum filiforme 2010
Encyclia cochleata 2010
Encyclia oncidioides 2010
Epidendrum calanthum (pink form) 2010
Epidendrum belizense 2010
Epidendrum nocturnum 2009
Eria ornata 2009 (Good germ reported)
Flickengeria scopa 2010
Jumellea arachnantha 2010
Maxillaria bradei 2010
Miltonia clowesii 2010
Miltonia regnellii 2010
Oerstedella exasperata 2010
Pecteilis susannae “Green” 2009 (Good germ reported mid 2010)
Pelantanthera ctenoglossum 2010
Phaius flavus var punctatus “”semi-alba” 2010 (ex- Japan)
Pluerothallis cardiothallis 2010
Pleurothallis marthae 2010
Prosthechea vespa 2010
Thunia bensoniae 2010
Renanthera philippenensis 2010
Spiranthes cernua 2010


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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
Unfortunately most of us (including myself) don't store seed or do our own flasking.

I send seed to Troy Meyers as a produce it.

However I don't mind breeding stuff for sharing seed production if you or someone else wants to flask.

One of these days I'm going to have to post my adult plant list. I have it in excel. Anyone know a quick way to cut and post?

For living in SE Asia and Australia, you have lots of South/Central American stuff Brett.


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Feb 22, 2009
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Hi Rick

Some seed is of my own making, and other seed is that sent to me from friend collections around the world.

I also have one friend who sends me seed for swapping purposes, which I add to my list. He does not get seed sent to him directly as he needs a phyto certificate. So we work together for that part.

Sure, if you are interested to make seed for sharing, that is always appreciated.

I am constantly getting new seed, so I will update this list from time to time as seed comes in and others run out.