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Royale Orchids Auction 2007

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Hi Folks,

I guess this is probably mainly for the Ozzies in the forum, unless your country allows the importation of orchids without too much hassle (although I know that Royale do send plants to the USA).

Royale Orchids is having their yearly auction this saturday November 3rd, 2007.

There is an auction list on their website - www.royaleorchids.com

Also, I've taken a couple of photos of the plants being auctioned off and talk about mature plants! The Ansellia africana and Laelia anceps are massive plants, not for the faint hearted!

Most of the photos are here - Auction 2007 Photos

And here is a preview of some plants:-

Paph haynaldianum

Paph delenatii (this is a potfull!)

and for lovers of Aussie Orchids - Sarcochilus hartmanii 'Jungle Jem'

So, hopefully no one bids against me on the Paph stonei, but the rest is a free for all :poke:


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