Rlc. George King 'Serendipity' AM/AOS

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Feb 1, 2019
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Thank you, I am here to learn, I intend to learn till it's all over, but as I said , your post piqued my interest in acquiring a George King. My interest is to grow plants to the best of my ability so that they can be entered in Orchid Shows. I am not interested in the ribbons, but in contributing quality plants for display to the public and enhance the displays themselves. The color tones and form of the George King, grown and flowered well could contribute greatly to any display. And for you and others, here is another plant Cattleya Goldernell 'Southern Cross" AM/AOS from Carter and Holmes. It is of the same tones as GK. The plant is an excellent grower and the flowers last 5/6 weeks, but hint, it took me 3 years to learn that it needs to be summered outside or it will not flower well
Beautiful colors on Goldernell! It glows like it’s lit from within. Unfortunately, I do not have the option to summer my plants outside, so a south-facing window will have to do. At least the George King doesn’t seem to mind, it’s been very floriferous!


Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Such unusual and beautiful color and great fragrance on a rather compact growth habit. love this classic hybrid!!
I used to have one, a mericloned one which grew on my sunny windowsill, still not ideal conditions when it comes to humidity and proper temperature ranges and all that. Yet, I had a lot of success with these large poofy Cattleyas with AM like this one, Goldenzelle 'Lemon Chiffon', Bryce Canyon, Susan Fender 'Cinnamon Stick', Cornerstone 'Fine Circle'...All these plants always bloomed with three flowers for me also and I think Goerge King 'Seprendipity' bloomed twice in succession near the end of the year every time.
By the way, Waldor was offering a fresh mericlone if I remember correctly. In their eBay listing, they explained how they saw declining qualities in the overmericloned stocks and so they made a new mericlone from the original division.
I was very curious to get one and find out as the plant being offered had two sheaths with buds inside. I forgot about the auction and went out to dinner that night. lol
I'm sure I'll see it again in the future. They also have an openhouse sale next spring which I most likely will attend.
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