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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
I'll try posting the xcell list. Looks like the columns are screwed up, but you can get the jist of it.

Rick's Slipper Orchid Species List 1/1/11
Species Size/Age Previously Bloomed Presently in Bloom

P. armeniacum (2) BS y
P. delenatii (2) BS y
P. emersonii (1) BS
P. hangianum (1) BS
P. malipoense (1) BS y(blasted) spike
P. micranthum (1) BS y

P. niveum (1) BS y

P. gluacophyllum (1) BS y y
P. primulinum var. purpuascens (1) + seedlings BS y

P. aductum (2) S
P. gigantifolium (5) S
P. kolopakingii (1) + seedlings BS y
P. philippinense (1) + seedlings BS y
P. randsii (3) S
P. rothschildianum (2) +seedlings BS y
P. sanderianum (10) S
P. stonei (4) BS/S
P. supardii (2)+seedlings BS/S y
P. wilhelminiae (1)+seedlings BS y

P. dianthum (1) BS y
P. lowii (1) +seedlings NBS
P. parishii (2) NBS
P. richardianum (2) NBS

P. barbigerum var. cocineanum (1) BS y
P. charlesworthii (1) +seedlings BS y
P. druryi (1) BS y
P. exul (1)+seedlings BS y y
P. fairrieanum (3) BS y
P. gratrixianum (2) BS y
P. henryanum (2)+seedlings BS y
P. hirsutissimum (3)+seedlings BS y spike
P. insigne (1) BS y
P. spicerianum (3) BS y
P. tigrinum (2) BS blasted
P. tranlinianum BS

P. barbatum (1) BS
P. bullenianum/tortisepalum (1) BS y
P. callosum var. subleave (1) +seedlings BS y bract
P. mastersianum (2) + seedlings BS y
P. purpuratum (4) BS y y
P. superbium, and var curtisii (2) S
P. sukhakulii (2) + seedlings BS y bract
P. tonsum (1) BS y
P. venustum (2) S/BS y
P. wardii (5) BS y y

45 species/bloomed 31

Phragmipedium species

Phrag. exstaminodium(1) BS blasted
Phrag. lindenii (1) S
Phrag. warscewiczi (wallisii)(1) BS y

Phrag. caricinum (1) BS y
Phrag. pearcei (2) +seedlings BS y
Phrag. richteri (amazonica) (1) BS y y

Prag. longifolium(1) BS y y

Mexipedium xerophyticum BS y

Rick's Bulbo list 1/1/11

B. alsiosum (yellow) BS D
B. agastor BS
B. anteniferum BS D
B. auratus? BS D
B. (Mastigion) appendicula BS D
B. blumei (masdeveliacium) AM BS DD
B. cornutum AM BS DD
Rhytionanthos cornutum (yellow) BS D
B. echinolabium (2) BS D
B. facetum BS D
B. (Mastigion) fascinator BS D
B. fritilarliaflorum +seedlings BS D
B. frostii BS
B. grandiflorum BS DD
B. inunctum (yellow) BS
B. lasiochilum yellow and purple var. BS D
B. longissiumum BS D
B. macranthum (chinensis) BS D
B. mandibularae BS D
B. affine. miram BS DD
B. nymphopolitanum BS DD
B. orthoglossum BS D
B. patens BS DD
B. (Cirrhopetalum) picturatum BS D
Rhytionanthos spathulatum BS D
B. sulawesii BS DD
B. sumatranum BS D
B. tricaniliforum BS
B. unitubum+ seedlings BS
B werneri BS D
B. wendlandianum BS D
Trias disciflora BS D
Sunupia grandiflora BS D

D= Divisions available.

Rick's Phal species list

Phal. bastiani
Phal. bellina
Phal. deliciosa
Phal. equestris
Phal. fasciata
Phal. fuscata
Phal. Javanica
Phal. lueddemanniani
Phal. mannii
Phal. pallens
Phal. parishii
Phal. Philippinensis
Phal. pulchra
Phal. schilleriana
Phal. stuartianum

Doritus pulcherrima


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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
Great slipperlist Rick!!!! Not more bulbos than listed here? and no catts :) ? Jean

No that's all the Bulbos Jean. I think on a biomass basis they probably take up more space than the Paphs:poke: Besides I was trying to be a slipper specialist.

There are a handful of Catts and other odds and ends.:wink:
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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
Does 'y' mean "yes, it's in bloom"!? If so, Wow! What does 'D' mean then?

The columns got messed up copy pasting the xcell spreadsheet. The vast majority of those y's are for "yes previously bloomed" (indication that the plant is old enough to bloom/breed, but not necessarily in bloom now ). The handful of stuffed marked yy are the ones in bloom or spike now. The original primary purpose of the list was for trading breeding information.

Those D's in the Bulbo section are for "dividable" trade bait.