Purpurata season begins

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
This has a name tag which reads tipo rosada ‘Brazil’. The nomenclature of the different colour forms of purpurata is complex and not always agreed upon but it does appear to be ‘tipo’ or typical. Not sure about the rosada bit.
It’s a clone from Hilmar Bauch and he may have used it in breeding. He would have imported this from Brazil.
It’s always been the first clone of this species to flower. It’s amazing just how quickly it blooms once the buds break through the sheath. It’s maybe a week. This is its second year of blooming and the flowers are much better than last year.
It is also my tallest clone, being 60cm from pot surface to the tip of the leaf.
A934DA9E-3451-436F-9F7A-F54C727EB44A.jpeg 50240D87-351C-4F01-8662-DD0C854130E1.jpeg E60C280B-C423-4D8F-AA4B-40974643C5BF.jpeg

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