Psychopsis papilio var alba

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
I purchased this as a seedling a few years back. The spike that has this flower developed last fall but is only starting to bloom. I have 2 more spikes developing. The lip is small, I sure hope as the plant matures that improves


it's really beautiful, I hope the lips improve. I had no idea that this coloring existed thanks.

My papilio x sanderae isn't blooming sized just yet but I really enjoy these plants even without flowers.
Something noble about them...

i have a psy. Mendenhall which is currently in 'hospital'... it doesn't like being wet, i think..
I bought mine as a seedling that came in a mud mix (Aussie Gold), and it seemed to be unhappy with the dampness as well (new growths getting an inch or so then stalling and dropping off), but after 5-6 months it recovered and started putting out vigorous new growths. I repotted it recently and the roots were in just great shape, so I put it in more mud. It's working on a nice looking new spring growth now...