Platanthera shriveri

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Jan 12, 2008
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Kyushu, Japan; warm temperate/subtropical climate
They’re all wild collected. All under threat. These are not a good plant to grow.

While I do not support buying most native orchids online in general, it is also important to say that if the plants are legitimately sourced then it may not be illegal to sell/buy them. Not all species have protection status either, so it if an illegal act is committed it may rather be due to removing them without the owner's permission (this also applies to all state and federal lands, including roadside right of ways where this plant loves to grow), or by violating state or interstate laws (trafficing contraband, etc.). So it can be a complex situation. Is it an ethical practice? That's up to the buyer and seller to decide.

This species is ranked as globally secure, but is either extirpated, imperiled or extremely rare throughout much of it northern and western range. See this useful link: NatureServe Explorer 2.0 As an aside, I've seen countless numbers of them growing along highway ditches in the southeast USA alongside P. blephariglottis, P. cristata, P. integra, and P. nivea. I also remember a black and white photo of them growing on the New Jersey side of the Hudson with the NYC skyline in the background. That was on an AOS bulletin back cover dated to sometime in the '60s I think... ah, the good old days!

Nor are they easy. Took a lot of coaxing to figure out how to grow ciliaris.

Agreed. I grew plants in Florida for many years, but like most terrestrials you have to keep an eye on them closely. They just love to do great one season and go belly up the next if the compost gets "sour", etc. This species may be a good candidate for a semi-hydroponic set up. Lovely in flower - a truly apricot color, not yellow at all IMO.