Phragmipedium Eric Young

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Oct 12, 2007
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Lavaltrie, Québec, Canada (Z4)
very nice….and appears to have a lot more longifolium influence.
Yes! I was surprised to see the result too… My longifolium ‘Big Fellow’ is a 4n…

It gives a longifolium boost on the progeny…(big flowers and horns)

I’ve seen many Eric Young in the past and even Sedenii and most of them were not showing the side lobe horns like that. I thought it was a dominant character, what it is certainly for a 2n plants…

I had the same result and surprise with my Faust's Elegance (longifolium 'BF' x andreettae) I was not expected horns… But they come out!
Faust's Elegance-1-3.JPG

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