Phragmipedium Andean Fire

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Grand Chupacabra
Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
Phragmipedium Andean Fire (lindleyanum x besseae)

This is a really lovely and really red Phrag hybrid that's very similar to the classic hybrid Phrag. Memoria Dick Clemments. This is an easy to grow and bloom hybrid that's small-medium in stature. I divided this last fall, so it's still in recovery mode. The spike is actually manageable for the time being. This, like most Phrags, is a sequential bloomer, meaning it produces 1 - 3 flowers at a time, in sequence and over time it can produce 5 - 10 (or more) flowers per spike over a period of months. The spike tends to grow so tall that eventually it doesn't fit under the shelves.

I grow this one wet. I do my best to avoid letting it dry out and it grows year round. I keep a small amount of water in the saucer at all times. It does prefer very high quality water, and I typically use rain water for it. I feed lightly with each watering, except once or twice a month I'll flush the pot with water only to remove excess nutrients and minerals. I grow this indoors under lights, so it gets moderate temperatures and what I would call bright shade. The flower color is most intense during cooler temperatures, like most P. besseae hybrids.

I got this plant as a trade from Cheyenne about 5 years ago.





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