Phrag schlimii 'Shirley Norman' HCC/AOS

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Jun 9, 2006
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Leiper's Fork, TN
Those flowers deserve the award.:clap: I especially like the red stiping near the pouch opening.


Yes, I'm back home, thank you!

I arrived back in Tucson on 1 Jan. Work has kept me real busy since getting home, not to mention the large number of house projects waiting for me (grin). My wife even scheduled her and I to attend a Regency Ball in Los Angeles complete with regency costume...after being gone 5 months I couldn't come up with a good excuse to say no. Here, have a chuckle on me!

I'm slowly getting caught up on all the projects so I have more free time to get online.

On the bright side, I did stop by Thailand enroute home for a quick 3 day visit to a nursery there (and to visit the Royal Horticultural Exposition in Chaing Mai as well as an elephant farm). The plants I purchased are being delivered to the Santa Barbara Orchid Show and a friend is picking them up and bringing them back to Tucson.

Can you say 50 micranthums and 40 armeniacums???