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This is the second time that this plant has been in flower. Phrag. Robert-Jan Quené is Fritz Schomburg x besseae. We used the 'Rob's Choice' 4N AM/AOS for this cross, so it got a double dose of besseae. It basically looks like a giant besseae! It is close to 9 cm across, with petals that are 3 cm wide.

compared to a besseae the flower color is a little less orange red (I would describe it more as "lipstick red", it has more peach tones) than a regular besseae:

We will probably have more seedlings available in about 12 months.

Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK

That is really really nice and in addition the plant looks to be of a manageable size!
We are beginning to see some very interesting hybrids coming out of the 2nd generation kovachiis.


Thanks everyone!

What is interesting about this plant and flower is that even though the genetics of this plant is mostly "besseae", I can still see the influence of kovachii on the shape and size of the flower. It also had an influence on the plant habit and improved how the new growths are more "compact", this plant grows more like a Jason Fischer than a besseae and dosn't get long stolons, so overall an impovement over besseae.



Robert, did you used the besseae Rob's Choice also for the FS?

No, we used Phrag. Fritz Schomburg 'Peach Parfait'. This FS came from HP Norton's breeding. We believe he used besseae 'Terry's Choice' to make it, which is also a 4N besseae. I definitely think it is a triploid Fritz Schomburg, as the flowers are a different color (more peach colored) than a 2N Fritz Schomburg, and the flower shape looks more like a besseae.

Here is a picture of Phrag. Fritz Schomburg 'Peach Parfait':

So, all of you that are into genetics can back me up, if we assume the FS that I used, was a triploid (with the besseae being a 4N parent, and thus giving it's offpring a double dose of besseae genes). The genetic background of the FS was roughly (if we aren't assuming any crossover of DNA) 33% kovachii and 67% besseae. By backcrossing this 3N Fritz Schomburg onto a 4N besseae again, the genetic background of Phrag. Robert-Jan Quene will be roughly 11% kovachii and 89% besseae. If you want me to explain how I get to these numbers I can give you guys the math...but it may be too boring for some... :). This explains, why this plant looks so much like a besseae (but on steroids)!

If on the other hand if I would have used all diploid parents, Phrag. Fritz Schomburg would be 50% kovachii and 50% besseae, and Phrag. Robert-Jan Quene would be 25% kovachii and 75% besseae. It would be interesting to see what the differences would be! Would the flower be larger or smaller?

Now what I really would want to do, would be to cross Phrag. Fritz Schomburg 4N with besseae 'Rob's Choice' 4N, to get Phrag. Robert-Jan Quene 4N! But, I first will have to have a 4N kovachii to make a Fritz Schomburg 4N!


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