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Wish this plant displayed more than two flowers at a time. Perhaps as the plant gets bigger (this is a first bloom seedling after all), it will display more at the same time. But I am not complaining. I do enjoy its successive blooming habit. The plant has been in bloom since June.


The picture above shows its 3rd bloom. The plant is now on its 5th bloom and there is a fat bud developing for number six.


How long do I let it go before cutting the spike? The root system is robust in its 1-quart deli container. It is also sucking up the moisture and nutrients twice each week. (Sorry for the blurs.)


That's a pretty cool plant. I like it! I'd say it may be time to give it a rest, though. I usually call it at 5 flowers for my paphs and phrag. Nice growing.
Praying Mantis is longifolium x boisserianum and both tend to be sequential bloomers. P. longifolium when mature can bloom for an extremely long time one flower at a time. I wouldn't count on more than one or at the most, two flowers open at one time on this hybrid. But it can bloom for AGES for you.
If the plant and roots are healthy, I wouldn't cut the spike. You can tell if there is going to be another flower by gently squeezing where the bud should be. If it feels flat, ie., no bump, it's done for now.
I never get more than one or two flower at a time on this one. As the plant gets bigger, you will have multiple spikes. Mine skipped blooming last year but has 2 growths almost matured so I am hoping for 2 spikes on mine in the near future

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