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Feb 12, 2008
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Madison, Wisconsin USA
-I agree with Eric, I think it is possible( because we have not seen it before, does not mean that it can not happen or already happen) And if we are saying that it is impossible, we will become very close minded.
-It sounds crazy, but I thought that the red color in besseae maybe a result from a jump that incorporate the red color gene from another orchid flower (that was not even a phrag). All it takes is one crazy insect that visited two different species.
And by some weird coincidence, the original "green/brown" besseae decided to incorporate the red piece of the gene from the foreign pollen.
Don't the scientists now create all sorts of GMO things.
A GMO-style gene transfer isn't easy to get even when you're trying. I know, it used to be my job. If it was going to happen naturally it would probably involve a virus carrying a snip of DNA between hosts rather than a random pollination event. But the presence of red pigment is a simple evolutionary change from typical green/brown phrag colors, just take away the green and tweak the shade of the anthocyanin from the more typical magenta. The simpler explanation is usually correct.

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