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Jun 6, 2006
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Marco - why did you delete the article in your second post?

That was a really interesting piece about "carbon credits" It is something that my society is thinking about selling as auction items in the future, or even maybe membership benefits. It's a little strange, but how I understand it is, your corporation get's carbon credits for paying to keep people from cutting down the rainforests (or in our case, preserving native plants, funding invasive removal, etc.) So, they pay the money to keep the rainforest alive and well, hopefully for the foreseeable future.

I may not be understanding you correctly, but why is that a problem?

A little history about my organization. In 1932, the person who had privately built our garden was 80 years old and was looking for a way to preserve it after he passed. A gravel company offered him $200,000 for the land - 45 acres. A friend of his who wanted a public garden where he could honor his wife when she died put up the first $50K to save the garden, and challenged the members of the society to raise the $150K more needed to "save" the garden. The members came through during that first Capital Campaign, and now we are celebrating 75 years of that garden (it was considered a private garden for the first 30).

I don't think this story is that much different - use your money to fund the forest, not the industry. Save the forest, but still fund the company, and give them back something "green" in return.

Am I totally misinterpreting this?


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Apr 30, 2007
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