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Very nice, hand one of these in my hand but didn't buy it. Kicking myself now.


Jun 10, 2006
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Mid Michigan
Buy lots. Why are they my favorite paph species? Don't know. But I do like them. And Paph. sukhakulii, but I find that wardii just edges out sukhakulii on my desirability meter.

Growing them is no different than growing Paph. Maudiae. Evenly moist but not wet, warm to intermediate conditions, etc. Beautiful leaves, vigorous plants, what more can you ask for?

They are a bit more tricky to bloom. It isn't initiation of spikes that is the problem, but first bloom seedlings will tend to blast. At least for me. Older plants bloom much more readily. I think there is a genetic component to this, and for my own breeding I'm concentrating on plants that didn't blast the first spike. It is probably just a function of eagerness, they try to bloom on too small of a plant and just can't manage it.

I think for purposes of 'awardability', a desirable Paph. wardii has good size (of course), but more importantly wide, well marked petals that are held at a angle (say 30 to not more than 45 degrees) below horizontal. Spots should be small but densely arrayed on the petals, all the way out to the tip. The petals are the most distinguishing feature of wardii, and they have to be right. The dorsal will be pinched at the top, that is not going away any time soon, but as little pinching as possible is the goal. Dorsal width could be improved.


Now I really wish I brought it home, it was a 'medium seedling' size with a flower on it as you describe(to the best of my memory). And you're right, Littlefrog, there is something about the wardii.

Eric Muehlbauer

Try keeping wardii cooler.....I always grew them cool...I found they only blasted when the spiked in warm weather. Take care, Eric

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