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Special invitation to Slippertalkers.

The Orchid Society Of Northern Transvaal( ONT ) is hosting another Paph Symposium on 5 July 2008 in Montana, Pretoria.
Main speaker for the day is no less than Frank Smith,(some of you might have heard of him) Paul Phillips, Ernst Gunzenhauzer, Mike Tibbs and a few other South Africans. The evening we host the 40th birthday celebration of the South African Orchid Counsel.
I am inviting the members of Slippertalk to fly down to us for a few days and attend the events. Any of you who is interested to join us can contact me, and I will see that you got accomodation for your stay at one of our members houses, and be shown around a little. You can get to know some of the people who will be involved in the organizing of WOC21, all the good paph growers in the country as well as a few more surprizes. On the Friday evening Jennifer and I will host a special braai for all the overseas visitors and Judges here at the nursery and you will obviously be our guests.
Previous speakers at these events include people like Harold K, Norito, Gerd Rolke and many others.

Costs is R350 for the symposium and R150 for the dinner.( $1 = R8) (Accomodation on us)

Charles Thompson II

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