Paph. NOID (soon to be ID'd by vendor... hopefully)

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Hello all,

I recently purchased this nameless Paph. from a German nursery (Rengers) and now that it's flowered, I have sent them a picture, hoping they can ID it. They usually only sell species and primary or secondary hybrids, so the odds are good that this is not some random complex hybrid.

(please click to zoom in)

I really like the "hooks" at the bottom of the staminode: (click to enlarge!)

I think it might be Paph. Auroreum (lawrenceanum x venustum).
Most plants from this batch look very much like venustum, leaf-wise, but mine is leaning a bit more to lawrenceanum.

Here is a picture of the whole plant (unfortunately my black background is not big enough to fit the whole plant):

Anyway, I hope I will get a positive ID on this one from the vendor! If not, it will just be a very nice NOID.

P.S.: I made the mistake of spraying tapwater on the plant, that's where those white blemishes are from. :mad:

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