Paph. Maudiae 'The Queen' AM/AOS

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Apr 10, 2008
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According to OrchidWhiz 'The Queen' was awarded the AM by the AOS in April 1981.

You are right, but the flower had been awarded an AM by the RHS previously.

For your information, may I quote a small article from The Orchid Review for September, 1969 (p. 268) :

"Although first raised by Sanders (St. Albans) Ltd., as long ago as 1929, Paphiopedilum Clair de Lune (Emerald x Alma Gavaert) is extremely popular in the Maudiae or mottled-leaf section of the Slipper Orchids. Our Cover Flower variety 'Edgard van Belle' AM/RHS is considered by some fanciers of this group to be the finest of all while others champion Maudiae 'The Queen' AM/RHS or Alma Gavaert 'Madame Maurice Mertens' AM/RHS. Few readers will disagree that this trio is the finest of the Maudiae section, and all are figured here to show the slight difference in shape."

This article is wrong in a small detail though. Paph. Alma Gavaert was not raised at St. Albans, but (by Edgard van Belle) at the Bruges (Belgium) nurseries of the Sander firm. (The name Gavaert was changed to Gevaert a few years ago, this family name being actually written that way and not Gavaert.)

There is an error in the captions of figures 171 and 172, which are inverted, 'The Queen' is the upper figure (slight twist in the upper sepal), and 'Alma Gevaert' the lower one, unmistakable with its perfectly symmetrical dorsal sepal. "A sight to behold !".