Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz

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malipoense 'Empress' x delenatii 'Bubblegum'

fragrance varies by plant, but this one is quite fragrant.


Registered in 1991, Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz was part of the first wave of hybrids utilizing the sensational Chinese Parvisepalums, and it remains one of the finest to this day in terms of combining the best features of its parents. Paph. malipoense contributes the inflated pouch, overall flower shape, and tall 20+" stems, while Paph. delenatii cancels out the greens and leaves behind the porcelain-white background color. One of the most salient features of this hybrid, however, is the striking "raspberry-jam" staminode, which may or may not include some yellow as well. Lynleigh Koopowitz is also one of the rare fragrant paphs, and coincidentally enough actually smells like raspberry jam or raspberries & cream! This delightful fragrance arises from the combination of the raspberry scents of malipoense with the citrus essences of delenatii, and is an added bonus to growing this unique hybrid.