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Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz & Helen Congleton

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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Lynleigh Koopowitz is a primary hybrid between malipoense x delenatii.
This plant has flowered three times (well, twice but the second time it had two spikes) so far. It is currently throwing four new fans, so it is obviously a good grower and is well on its way to become a specimen size not too far into the future.

It last flowered in the fall of 2014. Flower pictures show the flower of this same plant that I accidently knocked off.

After the last flowering, it started new fans at the base but higher than I wanted. With the old leaves still strongly attached all the way down at the base of the mother plant, I was not sure if I wanted to bury the new shoots and risk rotting them out and so I just left them as is.

I grow indoor and with lower than ideal humidity level, none of these newer fans are developing roots of their own yet, but the plant is having very active root growth at the bottom of the pot. See the picture.
To protect the roots, I will ship it as is.

I have three other LK and the flowers are all pretty much the same, so I'm wanting to get rid of the largest one for space issue if there will be any willing buyer.

I'm asking $45 that includes packing material and shipping charge.









This next one is Paph. Helen Congleton, a cross of Norito Hasegawa ( armeniacum x malipoense) x delenatii.

I had a white flower with very slight green over tone all over and pouch with hint of pink. There was a slight fragrance as well.

It has two previously bloomed fans and a brand new start.
The pot is 3.75 in plastic. will be shipped in pot.
Asking price with shipping included is $30.


Thanks for checking them out! :)