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Oct 4, 2008
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Canberra, Australia
You certainly could have read Braem, Baker and Baker, but your question seem to indicate, that you might have forgotten the content of their text concerning rainfall, humidity, rest periode, etc.
OBS. Notice it's not the excellent books on Paphs with Dr. Braem alone or with other co-authors, I'm reffering to! One of the Baker couple, I think it was mr. Baker, was a meteorologist, hence the priceless, detailed information on the climate of the habitat (it was a sad thing, that they had to stop the planned 3 volume work after vol 2, due to the death of one of the Bakers).

I have that two volume book set by Braeme and the Bakers as well. A really nice release. Probably the most detailed book on the cultivation of Paph species around. It was a pity about the third volume not being released. It is funny, I was told a different story to you. I heard that the third volume was completed but the publishing company decided not to go ahead with its release. And as they hold the rights to it, it will never see the light the of day.

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