Paph charlesworthii fma. sandowiae '#2'

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Bernhard Hilse

the more I see it , the more I want it. How can we get in to Australia? Money is no obstacle. kind regards, Bernhard


Leaf span: It is a 2 growth, first bloom plant. The blooming growth has a span from tip to tip of approx 27cm (10.5 inches)

Origin: This plant came from a flask purchased from Sam Tsui. The parents were half sandowiae sibs selected from the Orchid Zone. The resultant cross was anticipated to yield about 25% sandowiae flowers.

Flower dimensions: NS: 6.8cm, DW: 5.5cm, Total height: 7.0cm All measurements are approximate.

If the parents were half albas from The Orchid Zone, (from what I understand/heard) they are the progenies of 'Pride of Tokyo' crossed to an awesome regular colored charlesworthii.

Mrs. Paph

WOW! I'm really a fan of the regular colored variety, but that is stunning w/ the crisp white and green!