nice Cochlopetalum hybrid

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Jun 8, 2006
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San Diego, CA Zone 11a
Another favorite is Carolina Orchids, they have always had a good selection of Paphs, and recently they aquired a large private collection that was being liquidated. They have a great selection of species beyond the Paphs and Bulbos, lots of Lycaste, and I love the back and forth dialog I have running with Tom, always good for a laugh. So if you are in the Charlotte area they are worth visiting.
I tend to see what nurseries are in the area when we have (generally work) reasons to visit a new place. A few years ago, we went with a friend as guests to an Ann Arbor Orchid Society meeting when Tom was giving his Angraecum talk because that genus was (is) of special interest to me. He did in fact strike me as the jolly type!

Very nice cochlo! Also, very neat growing area!
It's a two-tiered, bare bones IKEA bookshelf that someone on my hall had decided they didn't want anymore--I of course added CFLs. The slippers spill over into other areas, but I have most of the little ones here. After six months, it's still in testing phase, but everything seems to be doing well. I'll need to see how the things in bud bloom out before I'll really have much of an idea. So far so good though, especially considering the minimal investment.

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