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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
I'm afraid that a good many people, when registering, don't actually understand the registration process here.

No one is making major mistakes, but you need to realize that if you have a problem registering I would appreciate an email about the problem. Contact me and we shall attempt to resolve it A.S.A.P.

We are getting a lot of invalid email addresses registering which means, if your automated registration approval message bounces back to me, I delete the account. That's that.

You must have a valid email address and respond to the approval message in order to be approved here.

Please don't get upset, just use the contact us link and if your email address is valid and legitimate, you'll likely be approved. I'm not speaking to anyone in particular in this message, I've just not been fast enough in the approval process in the last few weeks due to a busy work schedule so I've had more folks than usual contact me regarding approvals that have slipped by me and were legitimate (and I also let in a few more spammers than usual who were not!) so I thought I'd better clarify this issue.

The other major issue has been that gmail.com has been allowing people to register for accounts without invitations from another gmail user, as it used to be so. Now, that extension has gone from being a safe email address to a pretty unreliable one. Hotmail and AOL are also very unreliable. Frankly, I would encourage people to pay a little more for a known legitimate email extension than to use "free" services, but then I'd be in my own little personal rant. I used to trust gmail implicitly when people registered but now I do not. I have been reticent to post a message like this as I don't wish to encourage MORE spam. Damn stuff learns and evolves faster than the rest of us!

At any rate, please understand that sometimes there will be a mistake made in this process and I'm more than happy to work to resolve them but please give me a chance to respond before judging.

Thanks, all.

Slippertalk Admin.


Didnt we know that from before Eric? And then we get the blame? ;).Ping ?;)
Im anxiously waiting for her reply to a post made in a big thread a few minutes ago, (and not even by one of us!). I wonder if that also qualify as spam? :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil: