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just get my order from Peruflora.
He is in Europe for a show and brought me my ordered plants.

I bought a big Kovachii X Schlimii and she was to big for my pots I brake in 2 part here the 2 parts both have more then 5 big growth and some new ones comming only 1 growth has already bloomed. :D

In the order I expacted 3 flask of new Kovachii Hybrids too, but I was not happy they were already deflasked and one of them fully rotten and the others 2 flask had not 1 root left, and only 2 and 3 seedlings I was able to maybe safe, but the most of them dont look good.

So you not always get what you expect.

Hope that I get the replaced by Manolo normaly only had good quality plants from him.
This was the first time I let them send to me by post. :(


At least it has one bloomed one, and mybe in the middle was dead old ones, which I already have removed before I took the pic, they could have bloomed before.

Hope it blooms better then my other cross. Have a Kovachii X richterii here and did not bloom in a year, but geeting bigger.
And have a small Richterii X Kovachii which just get his second growth.

So lets hope that one of these will nloom one day for me.....


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Sep 14, 2006
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With Peruflora, for the price, always get the grown plants and not the flasks. Just my humble opinion. BTW, you have a very interesting collection of Phrags now! :wink:


I can not get to much more Phrag, have a space problem....

The seedling I am so sorry. I was so interested in the (Kovachii X schlimii) X Kovachii, but all are gone in the transport.

This was so interesting with 75% of Kovachii.

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