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I had many visitors after Lance from Forgottenwoods mentioned my place.
Forget about the content of my web-page. It was written almost 4 years ago, with a very romantic view and a slow approach in mind. After Prince Charles' speech in Oslo last year, romanticism vanished. According to him, we have only 80 months before the damage caused to our rain-forests becomes irreversible.
We could need a constant flow of people from developed countries in our upper jungle regions in order to introduce a "new" economy, and stop somewhat or totally illegal logging.
We have two large orchid growers. One in Moyobamba with about 5,000 kinds, and one in Tarapoto with about 3,000.
The idea of building inexpensive lodging came to me while a student in Germany. I was looking for an inexpensive room, so I could travel shortly to neighboring cities and distribute my budget according to my needs, and not those from expensive hotels. I never found such a deal, so I built it. It has a "club-house", where you can do your laundry, cook your meals, etc.
Oh, some may decide to stay for good in our areas, specially retirees looking for relatively inexpensive places. Advice them NOT to sell their house back home. It would serve as an income or a second "Social Security".
You can find better pictures from my place on Facebook. You'll find me under Erwin Anders. If several Erwin Anders, write Peru.
By the way, if I'm allowed to mention prices on this page. 180 Dollars per month near Tarapoto, and 260 in Laguna Azul, 50 Kilometers away from Tarapoto. A little paradise.
Ladies and gentlemen, we need you.
Take care, and hope to hear from you: Erwin :)

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