New Disa Orchid discovered in South Africa

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New orchid discovered in SA
21/12/2006 08:28 - (SA)

Johannesburg - A new species of orchid with beetroot-red leaves and a white flower has been discovered growing on a high mountain peak in South Africa, conservation officials said on Wednesday.

A member of the genus Disa, which is part of the orchid family, the new flower was found near the summit of the 2 026-metre high Sneeuberg, the highest mountain in the Cape's Cederberg range.

The new orchid was first spotted and photographed in 2004 by a field ranger for CapeNature, the conservation authority in the Western Cape province.

But experts were unable to identify the flower and the mystery caused a buzz in local botany circles.

Then in late November a team of botanists found about 40 of the orchids on the mountain.

"It was an arduous climb, straight up," said Tessa Oliver, a botanist from the University of Western Cape....

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Cool... I can see all of the new hybrids now :) Will quickly take the place of cardinalis or tripetaloides, then crossed back to uniflora, then crossed back to uniflora, then crossed back to uniflora...

- Matt

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