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Dec 27, 2006
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Somerville, NJ
OK, so please, please, please forgive the quality of 2007 I ha no problems with this camera. Then came the WOC and 200 of 300 pics were blurry. (i screamed, cried, threw a sh*t fit) I thought maybe I screwed something up on the settings and maybe I still did, who knows. For now Ill blame it on Eric rubbing off on me. <snap!> :p Just kidding. So here are a few from todays Paph Forum in DC. Got to meet Ernie today, I clerked on his team; a pleasure. You gotta come out for the SEPOS show at Longwood Gardens. YOU ALL DO!!!!

Two Fritz Schomburgs were can see them in the phrag shot. the lighter got a 77 and the darker a 81 (there abouts).

this Franz Glanz got a HCC (glad it was pulled it was nice...big)

This tiny little thing got a ribbon, why bother bringing it, really....

Grandma M

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I especially like the last one. That is a monster.


Yep, met Scoobs on Saturday. I was tame since I was visiting the National Capital center. The thing in the milk crate was a Fliquet. I had issues with the Fritz Schmburgs (HP Nortons plants) because they both had a TON of spots on the flowers seemingly from being misted then exposed to bright light causing pinhead-sized rings of brown, dead tissue. Anyway, it is what it is- otherwise they were decent. Averyanov's lecture was very nice as was HP's. Missed Dennis D'Allesandro's because we were still judging.

Also met Nancy, Carol, and Chuck in Pittsburgh.

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