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Here is what I am growing at this time: Just got the callosum and the stuaritiana last night.:D

Phal. (Brother Imp X Anaglade)
Phal. Baldans Kaleidoscope ‘Golden Trasure’ AM/AOS
Phal. amboinensis
Phal. stuaritiana

Paph. callosum var. sublaeve
Paph. spencerianum
Paph. gratrixianum

Paph. Space Flight x Hsinying Web
Paph. Somers Isle ‘HOF Jumbo’ AM/AOS x Paph. lawrenceanum

The last two are Maudiae hybrids. One is a flame and the other is an album form.


My home is in Weatherford, TX. (I was born and raised in Texas) but I have an apartment in Smyrna, GA. (That is where my orchids are) I am working as a site /mechanical superintendent for an engineering firm out of KC and we are building the coating facilities for the F22 and upgrading the coating facilities for the C-130 at Lockheed. Living away from home is the pits:(:( but that is part of construction. At least they fly me home every third weekend.:)

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