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Jul 29, 2017
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Los Angeles
Not lucky with orchids but did try about 10 years ago. Now mostly Traders Joes phals. Then I did a bit more research on that lady slipper that so often was in my hands & wheeled around just to be put back.

Most recently a huge purple lady slipper got put back for a purple whatever its called.

Then I wanted a lady slipper & haunted trader joes for weeks. Even left my number but they never called me & never saw one again. Guess thats the last 4 or 5 months so maybe its not there bloom time?

Anyway so I looked on ebay & found one I liked in April then I got sick & was in bed with a fever & everything & someone else got it. I liked the lighter leaves...

So took a while but saw a similar one with a hopefully shippable bud & it got here bud intact.

Trouble started in a few days its bottom leaf got brown spots & then the leaf above that.

Could have been bad so I cut the leaves sprayed with phystan 2o & coated the ends of the cut leafs in cinnamon.

Luckily it seems to have stopped & seller says it happens after shipping sometime?

I wanted to postlast week but my account got caught in the spam filter...

Now the bud is opening & its amazing!!!!!

Its Hsysings Web X Superbiens Maroon Swan...

Its pouch is purpple black & the wings are purple with darker purple raised spots & the hood not sure of the term but underside looks like ti will havesome green veining too..


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