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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Maudiae types :

mix of complex hybrids, speices x hybrids, some intersectional, I’m too lazy to type up all the long names here, so I’ll just simplify this group by listing them according to their color types.

25 vini & coloratum, mostly vini,
12 album

Bulldog Types :

10 green complex & complex x species,
4 copper/orange tone hybrids

Brachy :

Snowflake (2)
Hsinying Luke (in bloom)
leucochilum (in bud)
bellatulum (2)
wenshanense album (2)
niveum hybrids in bloom (3)

Parvi :

Norito Hasegawa (1 in bud, 1 large seedling, a bunch of little ones)
Fanaticum (one in bud, one baby)
Fanaticum x malipoense ( 2 in bud)
malipoense (baby)
Helen Congleton (a bunch of babies & one big one)
Armeni White (one big clump)
Magic Lantern ( three big one, a bunch of not so big ones including album)
Lynleigh Koopowitz (3)
Bryce Larkin (7)
Fumi’s Delight (5)
Fumi’s Delight x delenatii
delenatii (5)
delenatii (album x standard)
Ho Chi Minh (2)
Wössner Wolke (4)
Liberty Taiwan (6)
Shunfa Gold (5)
Wössner China Moon (2)
In-Charm Handel in bud (5)
In-Charm Handel x hangianum
Franz Glanz in bud
Joyce Hasegawa
Mem. Larry Heuer (2) in bud
Alois Handlbauer
Wössner Favorite

Intersectional Hybirds :
Gloria Naugle ( 6),
Dollgoldi (2 in bud),
Delrosi (two big ones, a bunch of babies),
Magic Lantern x roth,
Rolfei (5),
Louise Jernigans ?(2),
leucochilum x anitum,
Bel Royal x armeniacum,
Hiroki Tanaka,
Pink Sky (2),
Harold Koopowitz,
Vanda M. Pearman (2),
Deperle (vini), Envy Green, Gold Dollar,
Ma Belle,
Uneme (2),
Cam’s Cloud,
Jolly Holiday

Multi :
Yellow Tiger x Shin Yi’s Pride

Others :
venustum album,
liemianum, Victoria-reginae,
Luna Moth x henryanum in bud

Non-Slippers :

Dendrobium lamyaiae in bloom
Dendrobium Cherry Dance
Dendrobium sanderae in bloom
Dendrobium Formidable in bud
Dendrobium Eastern Vigor
Dendrobium Oriental Smile 'Fantasy' AD/AOS
Dendrobium Nestor 'NN'
Dendrobium Sonia 'Earsakul' in spike
Cymbidium goeringii & sinense,
Neofinetia falcata (white & pink) and neo hybrids
Brassavola nodosa & its hybrids in bud (Little Stars, Jimminey Cricket and others),
Some Cattleyas
Tolumnias in bloom
Phalaenopsis philippinensis
Phalaenopsis Jiaho Pinky Girl
Phalaenopsis Timothy Christopher
Phalaenopsis Purple Gem (?)

Non-Orchids :

Cacti, some other succulents,
Sweet Basil (for consumption and shade for certain mini paphs),
Venus Fly Trap,
Peace Lily in bloom (spathiphyllum)
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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
Not a bad start.

This is not a start. :poke:
I just thought I would post my collection like many others did in the very beginning.

I will continuously get rid of some and add some, but will not increase any more than what I have now due to space & time they take up.

I used to have a lot more maudiae type hybrids and bulldogs.
Not to mention tons of dendrobiums, oncidiums, cattleyas and many other genera. I got rid of them all.
Vast majority were thrown away, given away or sold over the years.