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Multi's for sale

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Aug 21, 2010
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seattle, wa
I have decided rather than make a list, which is just too hard for me as I cant decide right now what all to sell, I will just do my normal thing and let a few go at a time. After a two week jaunt in Hawaii I am having serious debates in my head about growing orchids anymore, as I want to start splitting up my time between Hawaii (for the air of course), southwest US (for astrophotography ) and seattle (for work and school ). I will have pics of Hawaii shortly...went to the Big Island and learned a lot from people living off the grid (in Mountain View and on the Lava beds in Ocean View). But for now, here is what I will be selling..I have seedlings that are getting big from other flasks and will be up for sale over the fall/winter (all multi's of course). I also placed a sheathing JB x roth on ebay. Please, if you think the price on these seedlings is too much I don't want to hear about it. The prices are firm.

Hsinying Anita (LI Jumbo x anitum Ace AM) 4 x 5inch LS..15.00 each

roth New Horizon x raptor 6-7 inch LS 35.00 each

All for 120.00 ppd

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