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For Sale Multiflorals

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Oct 13, 2006
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Columbia, SC
Will ship within the USA, heat packs available if needed. Shipping cost will be added based on actual USPS Priority rate. Payment accepted by Paypal, Venmo, or Cashapp.

Paph Yang Ji Apple (philippinense var. roebelenii × anitum)
BS $40 each (Plants A, B, C) A, B pending sale
NBS $30 (Plant D) D pending sale

20220225_081658.jpg 20220225_081740.jpg 20220225_081821.jpg 20220225_081903.jpg

Paph Hung Sheng General (Saint Swithin 'Dark Challenger' × anitum 'Dark Specter') Parent pics from Hillsview Gardens.

A - $35 pending sale
B - $30
C-F - $25 each
G, H - $15 each
Mini compots (Four plants each) $35 each

p.jpg 20220225_080943.jpg 20220225_080957.jpg 20220226_162542.jpg 20220226_162605.jpg 20220226_162623.jpg
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