Multiflorals exposed to drafts

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Mar 9, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario
My multis have been exposed to cold drafts I believe for a few weeks now. I just noticed today that my window had some gaps where alot of cold air goes thru. The temperature outside have been around 1-4 degress celsius lately. I have already remedied the window. The plants don't show any damage physically. But what does draft do to a plant? I noticed that they stopped growing. Will they ever resume growing? I had experience with some vanda before that when they're exposed to drafts they tend to stop growing forever. Pls HELP!

Mrs. Paph

:) Don't worry too much. I guess I haven't known a plant stop growing Forever unless it flat out died, which it doesn't sound like yours are going to do. They may just be recovering before they resume growth if it's just been a few days/week or so since you fixed the draft situation. I do have a plant that really did just seem to stall out and completely cease to visibly grow, but didn't decline either, for 4 years (previously it had grown like a weed) - my final conclusion is that I wasn't experienced enough at the time to realize that all the growths had packed themselves too close together and needed dividing, but since I didn't see overcrowded roots I was nervous about dividing or repotting it - I finally decided it was time for sphag'n'bag since it had far more growths than roots after 4 yrs of sitting there doing nothing, and now I have 2 divisions and new roots, so you might check the roots if they refuse to pick up growth after awhile. If the roots were damaged, it could cause the plants to stall w/o actually showing much if any damage to the foliage.