Miltonia phalaenopsis 'John Leathers'

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Grand Chupacabra
Dec 26, 2012
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Central North Carolina
The foliage is pitiful, but it's growing and blooming for me. This is the 3rd time it's flowered since I acquired it last March or April from Ecuagenera.

This plant suffered pretty badly from the import process. It struggled to do much of anything for quite some time, barely put out any roots and aborted several new growths. Even now, it's growing better, producing nice, fat bulbs, but I'm having a hard time keeping foliage on it.

It just finished flowering on another spike that I didn't have time to photograph. So, this is the second set of blooms. This is a miniature species, much smaller than the typical mass produced Miltoniopsis hybrid. The flowers are small but proportionally large. It's got a faint fragrance that's a sweet floral scent.

I grow this hanging in a shady spot. This grows in a modified zeer pot inspired situation. It's in a net pot with moss and styrofoam peanuts. That pot is nestled down in a clay pot. The clay pot sits in a saucer of water, and then everything is placed down in an outer clay pot with a hanger attached. I couldn't remove this plant from the net pot or inner clay pot if I wanted to, as the roots are now grown in and firmly attached.



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